Live Agent

What exactly is Live Agent? How does it work? Is it better than the competitors? 

Live Agent is a great choice if you: 

  1. Use the Service Console or plan to start.
  2. Need at least some of the extra bells and whistles (no custom code requires)
    1. Manager spy ability
    2. See what the user types before they send it
    3. 3+ way chatting and transfer
    4. Skills based automatic chat routing
    5. Limit on how many chats one person has at a time
    6. Dynamic On/Off switch
  3. Have users who spend a majority of their time in salesforce. 
  4. Use or plan to use knowledge articles in your chat. This one is more than noteworthy. 
  5. Want to report in Salesforce on your chat statistics, how many, how long etc.
  6. Want to create a Salesforce case for some or all chats. 

For companies who live inside Salesforce and do not have a group of dedicated enterprise developers to leverage, Live Agent is a great value. There is no code required to set it up unless you want to get fancy with the pre chat or post chat forms, and it's inside salesforce just like your cases and articles. Speaking of articles, if you want to use Salesforce Knowledge in your chat, you are basically going to have to use live agent, unless you plan to whip up an extensive amount of custom code. (not that I wouldn't love to help you with that, but hello $$$)

If you are looking for something cheap, and you don't need to have it connected much with salesforce then you will probably want to go with one of the competitors. In some cases this will require you to log in to the chat provider's site, so there will be another set of credentials for your reps to remember unless you have company wide single sign on and you get that up and running. 

Buyer Beware, some of these so called "Salesforce Native" chat solutions are actually just glorified Iframes and complicated logic to save information into salesforce. Exercise caution when anyone but Salesforce tells you the application is "Native"

And of course, if you want to know more.... pick up the phone and call us! 760.468.3655