TrailheaDX Keynote Events

TrailheaDX day 2:

Big shout out to the twitter group I am lucky enough to be a part of. These folks have been cheering each other on and I will admit, I feel kinda like a cool kid being included in it. The 10am Keynote today was inspirational, as expected and the level of diversity and inclusion is just one of the many reasons I am so happy to be part of the salesforce extended ecosystem. After the keynote I met with a colleague I don’t usually talk to much. She shared how she came to move here from China and we had a very nice lunch together. 

Back at the Moscone center I stopped at the equality booth and picked up some stickers, went over to the Startup Valley and learned about the incubator program - sounds really great but as a single mom its literally impossible for me. I got a little work done before going to the 4pm Equality Keynote with Tony Prophet. I was sad to see the turnout was smaller than I expected, but I was happy to be a part of the crowd. The panelist on the stage sharing their experiences was extremely moving. One woman spoke about being transgender and the process of changing her entire identity. I related to some of the things she was saying in my own way. Another woman from Israel shared how she was only 1 woman in 300 men to code in the Israeli army. She took that knowledge to apply it to creating an AI program to detect discrimination in computer correspondence. Absolutely remarkable work and inspirational. The third woman spoke about using technology to detect child trafficking. Her work was so powerful, both Miranda and I were on the site looking into how to volunteer. As if all of that wasn’t powerful enough the super duper whammy came next. 

On our way out we kept seeing these women in tech signs. I asked someone about it and they pointed us to this women event, they let me in with my keynote badge!! I listened to the woman speaking about her company, getting enough funding, and the difficulties. Then she started speaking about her mission and her work. She talked about how the text message program she has lets children text for help, and its not just children, its anyone who needs help. She talked about the statistics they are able to collect on mental health and how this is revolutionary for the industry. The key words they use to sort the queue.  She talked about the kids being cutters and I totally started to lose it. Having been a cutter as a child I really know I could have used that kind of support. These kids and adults need the support. Knowing what her company does for people made me want to drop everything I am doing with my own company and work for her. I hope to be able to support her in the future in any way possible. 

So meanwhile, the TrailheaDX party rages on somewhere but not having a full pass, I couldn’t go. Miranda and I opted to go to our little spot at Girahedelli Square. We had a great meal and talked about everything going on, how nice it is that we get to do trips like this together. By the time we got back to the hotel room we both passed out.