TrailheaDX Equality Networking Event

ZOMG It was so much fun!!! I am so extremely grateful to have been able to attend such an amazing event!!! The leadership team presented strong powerful speeches and were extremely approachable after the event. Even being an introvert (you would have never guessed right?) I was comfortable approaching several of the leadership members. They all offered words of advice and encouragement. 

One woman gave me a few contacts to reach out to so I can ask for - even more advice - about being a woman starting a salesforce consulting company. Another woman encouraged me to start my own groups and told me a little about the process in general. I spoke to another woman about having disabilities and being in the tech industry, I shared with her about my experience being part of my college’s Disabled Student Services since I have severe anxiety, we talked a little about mental disabilities and how that is addressed within the Salesforce Ability Force employee group.

She mentioned a panelist she was working on for Mental Disabilities and I offered to help since I have experience speaking to groups about anxiety and self harm. She was a powerhouse of knowledge and I have a great deal of respect for what she said regarding disabilities. I asked her what she thought about “partial disabilities” for example, I am blind in my left eye, I’m not 100% blind but it still impacts how I live my life. She said in her opinion there is no such thing as a partial disability people should not be judged on how severe their disability is, because one persons experiences can’t be compared to another.

The last woman I spoke with helped me out with my Bingo game and she gave me some guidance on making it to the keynote tomorrow at 4 with a keynote only badge. She also told me she worked on the Diversity trailhead which not only have I seen but its where I got my inspiration to do the micro-agressions Dreamforce talk. She sincerely encouraged me to apply and I did!