TrailheaDX Before the Event

Time Management:

Had a customer recently tell me he was not sure about how I was supposed to finish the 17 hours of work left on the project knowing I am attending TrailheaDX. I had some initial feelings of indignation, “How could you even ask that, I’m the wonder woman of Salesforce. Of course I’m going to get this work done!!” but then I thought a bit more humbly, it's a legit question. So I’m writing this and thinking to myself, how do I balance things, how can I make sure I do have enough time for everything and everyone in my life? I don’t actually have an answer for this question so hopefully I can figure it out here. 

Top priorities in my life: 

  • Three beautiful kids 10& under!
  • Loving girlfriend
  • Owner of a startup
  • Contract employee

I need to make time for everything and balance it in a way that makes nobody feel like they are not my top priority. Sometimes this means when I’m on the road driving to a networking event for my company, I have to pull over to take a customer phone call for my other job. Or while on a 3 day vacation with my girlfriend I have to forego an entire day so that I can kickoff a new contract. Sometimes I’m late picking up my kids from daycare because I have to finish up the last few hours in the week. There are certainly more sacrifices I have made for my work compared to the flip, not my proudest confession. The good news, the story doesn’t stop here. 

Since my work demands me to be available literally 24/7 I manage to find hours in the day where I can spend time with my kids in the dead middle of the typical work week. “Whats that? You can’t make our 2:30? Oh not a problem!” Click. “Hey kids, who wants ice cream?” Lucky for me my partner works in the Salesforce world too, and she has enough flexibility both at home and at the office where I can drop in and have lunch with her regularly throughout the week so we see each other quite a bit at times other couples may not be able too. In the spirit of finding that work life balance, for TrailheaDX she actually is with me for the event, so between work and networking we still will be able to have a few nice dinners together while we are here. 

I don’t think balancing life is about never making any concessions or keeping people happy all of the time (you can drive yourself crazy attempting it). Its about making sure everyone in your life knows you care about all of your priorities and they know they are one of those priorities. Its about giving everyone the security that you are always there for them and you will do everything in your power to make sure their needs get met.