Consulting myself out of a job, and PROUD of it!

I was visiting a particularly busy - and difficult to get ahold of - customer who was having issues using their Salesforce system. We are not just talking run of the mill end user difficulty, I mean they had restricted IP ranges at both the company level and the profile level preventing people from logging into Salesforce entirely. Their previous consulting company was no longer doing business with them and they were afraid to go to another consulting firm which is why I was brought in via K2 as an individual contractor.  The first conversation I had with their CEO included some exasperated mentions of giving up on Salesforce completely, the Account Executive was prepared to lose the customer. (Sometimes it really feels like there are Salesforce customers out there who are treated like stray animals, they are thrown into the cold all alone, untrusting and afraid? Ok I'm exaggerating...)

Well, we sat down and rolled up our sleeves, cleaned up the IP ranges, ripped out all the custom configuration the other consulting firm put in place, fixed the profile permissions and reviewed why we need to redo the company security model with a whiteboard session explaining the relationship between Organization Wide Defaults - OWD, Profiles, Permission Sets, Roles, and Sharing Rules. It turns out in 3 hours we did so much that the rest of the 37 hours for the month they didn't need.  If you are a customer hopefully you are thinking about picking up the phone and calling me. If you are a consultant hopefully you are about to throw a rock at your computer because I'm not supposed to say these things. I know the work I did could have been wrapped up into a good 40 hour SOW, and I know I lost the work because of it. I DON'T CARE! As the founder of Wise Ami I want this company to be build on integrity even if it means I consult myself out of the job. 

As it turns out, because of those 3 hours of work this company stuck with Salesforce and even plans to expand their use of Salesforce (Their Account Executive is happy now). They called me back to help them with the new work and I feel pretty good about it.