Customer Success Story - Sentè Labs

Sentè Labs: 

Sentè was my very first project working with K2 Partners and fortunately for me it is one of my favorite success stories. With contract projects being a vast variety of different flavors, I do consider myself lucky to have gotten off to such a great start. Without any further delay, lets jump in and talk about what made this experience so great. 

Originally the good folks over at Sentè just wanted a few reports to track some sales metrics they were having some difficulties reporting on. After the initial meeting, and discussing of what they were looking for, I was set up with access to their system. At this point I took a look around and noticed they were exclusively using the Accounts object and one custom object to track their business. I was able to see how they had set things up, and how this data architecture would prohibit using Salesforce's built in design. They were essentially fighting against how Salesforce should work. 

So I went to my drawing board and started to find a plan to correct this data architecture. A plan that would make the sales process work like the finely tuned clock it should be. This would have the reps using Leads, and converting Leads that are ready to have a demo and buy. After presenting my brain child plan I could tell it was not yet very clear why I wanted to overhaul their process somewhat dramatically. After all, this old process was working, well sort of. 

I drove over to their corporate headquarters and we met in person for a 4 hour review of the new plan. I was able to explain to them clearly why the native Salesforce Lead to Opportunity process is the best way to use the system, how it will scale for the future and keep their pool of Accounts cleaner. After this meeting I could see the plan was much clearer, and there was a certain excitement building. 

Then I went to work. I moved all the data in their Accounts, Custom Opportunities, Custom Opportunity Lines, and created true Leads, true Customer Accounts, and moved the Opportunity data to the native salesforce Opportunity. Once this work was done, I was able to make the reports they had asked for in our first meeting. They were so happy with the new process. Not only did they renew the contract several times, but they also gave me a glowing review on my LinkedIn profile. 

 "Ashley is very attentive, knowledgable and quick to turn around projects. She helped transform our CRM platform which quickly turned into measurable sales outcomes. She had a robust knowledge of and was pinnacle to the implementation and tracking of our various business KPIs. I would without hesitation recommend Ashley and will continue working with her on future projects. " - Aaron Hasnain, Marketing Director at SENTÉ