The Right Mindset for a New Salesforce Consultant

Congratulations, you have decided to join the elite ranks of the Salesforce consultants. Chances are you were lured in by the high pay, amazing Ohana and plentiful job listings.  So you put the title on your resume and are looking for work now. The nice thing about becoming a Salesforce Consultant is there is no Degree to earn first, and you technically don’t even need a certification to get started. You can just jump in and get started whenever you want. There are plenty of Trailhead badges to help you learn your stuff, trail mixes and more. After you have done all your book learning and you start to do some real consulting you will start to see what trailhead can not prepare you for; the life of a consultant. 

High Pay: There are so many pretenders in the world of Salesforce that when you find a really good consultant who knows what they are doing its almost like meeting a mystical creature of legend. When your Database is falling apart, you are stressed out, you need someone who can save the day literally. Running into overpriced consulting companies, and job seekers who have no clue is a complete nightmare. Many customers are extremely untrusting because they have been burned so badly in the past. This is what causes the desperation on behalf of the customer. This is the reason people pay so much money for Salesforce Consulting. 

Ohana: This is not a joke, it is real. Ohana is the living breathing network of Salesforce people who care for each other, we are the ones building each other up and including everyone. We are the lifeline of the Salesforce culture and we are like family to each other. You might ask, “Why?” 

Salesforce as a company has always been a huge advocate of giving back. Some of the earliest consulting companies were certified B companies. Almost everyone who started working in Salesforce early on was thrown into the position not having a clue about salesforce. The ‘accidental admin’ is a very real thing. You can’t get a degree in Salesforce so you have to start out knowing nothing and only learn via job experience. Learning, you get help from other people who know salesforce too. Having mentors, teachers, friends, family who are there to support you learning a new trade is what creates the Salesforce Ohana. As grateful as we all are for becoming Salesforce superheroes, we all take the time to pay it forward. We train new Ohana, we set up events to give back, we contribute to each other in times of need, we open our homes to each other with Ohana BNB. 

Plentiful Job Listings: There are still more open Salesforce jobs than there are Salesforce experts, new salesforce consultants are sprouting up everywhere but still many companies want to hire seasoned experts. The fact is, there just weren’t many Salesforce consultants back in 2011 who are available for hire today. Most of the top consultants are locked into a Salesforce implementation partner and are not on the market for hire outside the consulting firms. The number of people who are under qualified, and pretending to have what it takes causes the turn over to be very high, and the jobs that get filled, quickly open back up again. 

If you are the new kid on the block, you can fast forward past some difficult times by remembering to always be humble. Pay it forward, by sharing what you know with everyone, all of the time. Be honest with yourself and your skill set, it’s ok to say ‘I don’t know’ and go look for answers. Being an expert does not mean having the answers all the time for every question - its about being able to find the answers quickly. Listen to other Ohana, and take people’s advice, learn from other peoples mistakes and avoid learning the hard way. Don’t be a lone wolf, you are not as strong on your own as you are as a group. Support one another, offer to help other people, teaching is a great way to learn.