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We regularly attend Salesforce events; Dreamforce, TrailheaDX, Tahoe Dreamin', Force Acedemy LA, Trailhead Live.

You can also find us at the Orange County User Groups, Lesbians Who Tech Events, & TRANSform Tech.

October 2018 Trailblazing Partner Interview:

Ashley was interviewed about their past, present and the future of ITequality. Read more at this link:


September 2018 Dreamforce, Trailblazing Partner, Speaking

Listen to the recording here: Decoding Developers - https://www.salesforce.com/video/3620731/

Listen to the recording here: What it means to be a Trailblazing Partner - https://www.salesforce.com/video/3634473/

August 2018 Forcelandia

Miranda does a Trailblazer interview! We spend time with our friends and have an amazing conference! Ashley visits with Idealist Consulting, and has lunch with Rob Jordan who has always been an incredible ally. Miranda meets Dan Appleman.

July 2018 WITness Success

ITequality worked with the conference leadership to make WITness Success a more inclusive place for Trans & Gender nonconforming people. We sponsored the Gender Neutral bathrooms and kept them stocked with “Trans Rights are Human Rights” Pins.

March 2018 Lesbians who tech summit, TRANSform Tech & TrailheaDX

Trailblazers with anxiety Intro Speech:

Growing up my friends were living on the street, eating out of dumpsters, victims of sex trafficking and beat by their parents. My friends were the kids people looked at and said “Well I guess they never really had a chance” today they can’t be here with me because some of them are junkies, in jail, barely surviving on min wage or they have died. The fact that I stand here today is a miracle.

While working with at risk kids I learned about some research done by a group of doctors who gave scientific backing to the phrase “ they never had a chance” it’s called the ACE score, a measurement for “adverse childhood experiences” used to measure health of children across the nation. 

The Ace score, is similar to the privilege walk but it asks questions like, was one of your parents in jail, were you abused as a child, did anyone love you? Those with a score of 4 or more are predicted to have 20 years taken off their life expectancy, are at very high risk of teen pregnancy, self injury, date rape, abusive relationships, drug addiction, suicide. 

I have a score of 8 and I have survived all the above, but it’s not polite for me to talk about it. It makes people uncomfortable, so people like me keep silent.

Trailblazers with anxiety is a home for survivors. A place people can genuinely connect with others who live with the same fear of getting fired or passed for promotion for having anything but perfect mental health. They trust each other to help get through a mid conference panic attack, offer a listening ear instead of a stiff drink. 

The goal is that where you come from is not where you are going. Its not just about what you have survived, Its about your resilience factors too. 

Things like having neighbors who sheltered you, friends who become your family, Teachers who believe in your potential. Trailblazers with Anxiety exists because everyone needs Ohana AND because Equality For All needs to include Mental Health. 

I hope everyone here can use their influence to shine a light on a dark subject and de-stigmatize getting help.

TrailheaDX 2018

This was an event to remember! Miranda & Ashley reunited with Ina Fried who brought them backstage to hang out before the TrailheaDX keynote with Mark Hamill, they snagged a front row spot & there was enough room for Meighan Broadkey to share the front row bench too!

Ashley had a very special lunch with Marc Benioff, Cheryl Feldman, Zac Otero, Jessica Murphy, Rachel Watson, Shonnah & Misty Jones, Jesse Grothaus, Hector Perez Jr. and more!

Trailblazers with Anxiety had a campfire session in the heart of the Moscone center! You can always learn more by joining the group conversation in the Trailblazer Community. Together we can work to de-stigmatize mental health. 

The 5 Annual Lesbians Who Tech San Francisco Summit was incredible. Best of all we met one of our favorite trans rights heroes, Jessie Earl AKA Jessie Gender. For more of her amazing work check out her website here: www.jessieearl.com

TRANSform Tech 2018. Ashley was on a speaking panel for Nonbinary Visibility. As an openly nonbinary person, they shared experiences as a nonbinary business owner. For more information check out an incredible organization we donate to: transgenderlawcenter.org/transform-tech

January 2018 ITequality is certified by the NGLCC

January 2018 LAGLCC Member Spotlight

The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Chamber of commerce Member Spotlight lists ITequality as the Member Spotlight in their January 16th Newsletter!!

January 2018 ITequality sponsors the tahoe Dreamin' wit happy hour


December 2017 Ashley is quoted in the official Salesforce Blog: 

link: 9 Trailblazers Define what #blazingtrails means to them

“A Trailblazer is someone who doesn't necessarily have the same opportunity, the same leg up as another person. A Trailblazer is somebody who has to pave that path for themselves… somebody who blazes that trail, and doesn’t look back.”- Ashley Allen, Founder, ITEquality

December 2017 Team holiday party: Dinner & star wars-the last jedi

November 2017 Trailhead Live

Reunited with the Ohana so soon? Could it be too good to be true? Nope, its Force Acedemy LA!! We start up Ohana BNB and have Meighan stay with us. We win the CloudPerks Travel Star and have a wonderful Ohana Dinner!


November 2017 Dreamforce

We arrived at Dreamforce and reunite with our Ohana! At the Outforce party we meet up with Natalie Egan again. We see Mary Scotton at the Admin Speaker party. After a lot of hard work to help organize the TRANSforce group meetup, we get to see some amazing Ohana for the first time in person. Meighan Broadkey had blue hair too! Ashley has a Trailblazer Interview, MIranda gets geeky with the IOT grove. Miranda & Ashley still manage to have a little fun at the harbor. 

Significant efforts were made to improve the Gender Neutral Bathroom situation at Dreamforce. With a lot of hard work from the Dreamforce team, they fix the confusing bathroom signs. We will be working on this again next year. While at the WIT Diversity Meetup, at the Quip offices, we see that the Quip office does gender neutral signs right!!! Go Quip!!

2017 Dreamforce Speaker:

Salesforce CPQ is your friend

Ashley Speaks at the admin track on Salesforce Quote-to-cash.

  1. The Link to Salesforce Official Audio with Slides is here.

  2. Part 1 of live stream on Twitter.

  3. Part 2 of the live stream on Twitter.


October 2017 we open the doors to our first office

Company Headquarters now at 23151 Verdugo #106, Laguna Hills CA


July 2017 Salesforce Basecamp for the Service Cloud event in San Diego

We drive down to La Jolla for the Basecamp event where we meet with other trailblazers looking to learn more about service cloud. 

Austin gets to start learning more about Salesforce and the Ohana culture as he ramps up in his role as our head of Sales.

June 2017 TrailheaDX In San Francisco,CA

Equality was the highlight of our TrailheaDX 2017. We attended the Equality networking mixer event, watched an inspirational Equality Keynote, then followed it up by attending an amazing presentation by Mary Scotton on Equality. All in all this was the most enjoyable event of the year.


May 2017 Force academy LA

Miranda speaks at the developer track force academy LA, "Localization in Apex & Visualforce" AKA Custom Labels are cool! Peter Coffee delivers an inspirational keynote!Afterwards, we go to dinner with the Ohana.

April 2017 TRANSform Tech Event at the Salesforce Headquarters

ITequality's first official company trip took us to San Francisco to attend one of the most inspirational days of learning we have attended to date. We met Angelica Ross, and so many amazing people this day. Tony Prophet gave an incredible speach - not a dry eye in the room I promise you. We are eagerly awaiting the next TRANSform tech event! 

The wall display in the salesforce headquarter lobby reads "Salesforce welcomes all and is proud to stand with the trans community" displayed all day.


October 2016 Dreamforce

We attend Dreamforce and meet with our Ohana; Melinda Smith, Gabby Pedroni, Gina Pedroni. The U2 Dreamfest concert is an incredible show, and we get a picture in with Astro!

User groups, wine wednesday & More!!!